Park Rules & Hours

Shady Oaks Park is a gift to our community and neighbors. We are happy you are here!

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Respect the Space
  • Clean up after yourself and your family
  • Smoking, alcohol, and drugs are prohibited
  • Pets are not permitted

Respect Each other
  • Use only uplifting and encouraging language
  • No personal speakers
  • No rough housing; respect each other’s personal space

Respect Yourself
  • Use equipment properly, ensuring you and other are safe
  • Proper safety gear required when riding on the sidewalk path
  • Be aware of your surroundings and make safe choices

General Info
Playground recommended for ages 5-12
Park closed from Dusk to Dawn
See Something, Say Something - Call 911 in an emergency
Adult supervision is required for children under the age of 16.

*Please keep in mind there are no public restrooms

Park hours

Monday:  Dawn to Dusk
Tuesday:  4pm to Dusk
Wednesday:  Dawn to Dusk
Thursday:  4pm to Dusk
Friday:  Dawn to Dusk
Saturday:  Dawn to Dusk
Sunday:  Dawn to Dusk